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A Discovery Awaited for Hundred Thousand Years

Did you know that the first detection of Resveratrol, started with the French cuisine being considered "French paradox" by scientists as the almost non-existence of heart diseases, especially in the Bordeaux region, despite the extremely high amount of saturated fat, cholesterol-containing diet and heavy smoking?

It has been concluded that the antioxidant substance called Resveratrol, which is formed in the peel of the "Cabernet Sauvignon" grapes grown in the humid air of the Bordeaux region, has a protective role against heart diseases, even though high-calorie and high-fat foods are consumed.
David A. Sinclair of Harvard University School of Medicine, described this discovery as "a discovery that has been anticipated for 100,000 years."

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Take Care of Your Heart

Resveratrol is perhaps best known for its positive effects on heart health. But research has linked it to other health-promoting effects as well. Let's explore 6 ways resveratrol promotes health and a long life.

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