Muscle and Exercise Performance

If you're spending time at the gym and not seeing the improvement you want, Resveratrol can help. Resveratrol not only helps your muscles recover quickly, it also makes your workouts more efficient. Normal exercise causes oxidative stress, and Resveratrol's antioxidant status helps muscles recover more quickly. This effect works both after the end of exercise and after a lack of use (such as after an injury or hospitalization). [1]

Resveratrol supplementation can also improve your exercise performance. In one study, Resveratrol not only increased how efficiently rats worked on the treadmill by 21% but also enabled their bodies to break down fat and strengthen skeletal muscles. [2]

As we age, muscle mass and strength decrease. Aging muscles heal and grow more slowly compared to our youth. Resveratrol appears to increase muscle mass and muscle regeneration especially when used on adults. [3]

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