It Protects Your Brain and Nervous System

Do you want a brain boost? Some experts consider Resveratrol to be a nootropic substance that helps improve memory and brain health.
Did you know that trans-resveratrol directly supports your brain and nervous system? Unlike some other antioxidants, trans-resveratrol crosses the blood-brain barrier where it can enter brain cells directly. This provides positive, direct support for nerve health, parts of the brain and the peripheral nervous system.

Researchers have found that Resveratrol increases blood flow to the brain. [1] When you increase blood flow, you get more oxygen, glucose, and other nutrients to your brain. This helps maintain cognitive function, the ability to think clearly, have a healthy memory, and stay focused – [2] In a study of 23-year-old participants, participants who took Resveratrol showed significant improvements in their memory. [3] The compound added the benefit of improving its participants' glucose metabolism, concluding that Resveratrol may help maintain brain health as they age.

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